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With data collection and processing at its greatest levels ever, companies are making better informed choices. Whether data is being enriched with more data, informed with data models, or targeted through artificial intelligence, companies are making better data-driven decisions. But at what cost? All too often the cost is bore by the consumer’s loss of data privacy. But this is starting to change, and consumers expectations of privacy and keeping their personal data safe are growing.

In fact, with new laws and regulations, this expectation is starting to impact how data-driven decisions are made by organizations. Business leaders are faced with an ever-evolving landscape – from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe to the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) to new privacy laws taking effect in many other states. The topic of data privacy is here to stay, and businesses are starting to get on board.

Despite the emergence of data privacy as an important global issue, companies are struggling over where to start, how to make privacy a part of everyday process, and how to leverage privacy as a competitive advantage. Many organizations are still not prepared to comply. CapTech can help organizations by creating solutions that not only rapidly meet regulatory obligations, but improve how they manage their consumers’ data to increase security, agility, and loyalty.

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Our Approach

With expertise in data governance, assessments, data mapping, incident response, and data discovery, we offer end-to-end strategic support that helps your organization achieve compliance in the short term and strategically improve for long-term success.

Data Privacy Governance: Support for your privacy managers in creating data privacy operations program, policies, and procedures.

Privacy Impact Assessment: Establishment of a program baseline while assessing risks and identifying gaps in privacy programs, policies, data, and systems.

Identify Prototyping Opportunities: Rapid prototyping of consumer interface for access, opt-out of scale, and deletion requests.

Project Management: Overall coordination, monitoring, and reporting of the project. Risk reduction through active management of modules and manual processes.

Mitigation Projects: Documentation of business and technical requirements to address gaps in privacy program, policies, data, and systems.

The Impact

Ready to reduce your risk and increase your competitive advantage? The sooner your organization prepares, the more ready you will be when regulators and customers knock on your door. Furthermore, prioritizing data privacy for your customers’ data and trust will likely result in these organizational impacts:


New processes to manage acceptance of consumer consent, data deletion, data access and portability of personal data to the subject.


Architectural refactoring to employ a privacy by design approach to technical solutions. Reducing future compliance spend.


New roles to address privacy workflow, realignment of existing organization structure to ensure regulatory compliance and training to ensure privacy awareness.

Our Work In Action

  • We helped a Fortune 200 consumer packaged goods  company rewrite their privacy statements, enhance their consumer touchpoint channels to be compliant, and develop their privacy program framework.
  • We partnered with Fortune 500 automotive retailer to build automated application to disclose and anonymize data that was maintained in a data lake.
  • For a top 3 bank, we assessed the end-to-end data privacy user experience and helped stand up new data privacy capabilities in to prepare for CCPA.

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Peter Carr

Peter Carr


Pete is a principal in CapTech’s Richmond office and a thought leader in the area of data and analytics. With over 25 years of data management experience with an expertise in data governance and data privacy, Pete has a constant focus on continually learning and evolving organizational data architectures.

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Nathan Tatum

Nathan Tatum

Managing Director

Nathan is a managing director with 13 years of IT consulting experience. His primary focus is the successful delivery of data integration and visualization projects across modern data architectures, focusing on streaming applications solving complex and ambiguous business problems.

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Ben Harden


Ben leads our Data & Analytics practice and specializes in delivering enterprise-scale data warehousing solutions using the Agile Scrum methodology. He has been consulting with Fortune 500 clients on data and analytics solutions for over 18 years.

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