Whatever happened to good coding practices. It seems every Informatica map I look at these days has only the default object name from which to gleem meaning. Why do developers insist on leaving a complete mess when they develop Informatica maps? Does it have anything to do with unrealistic deadlines, developers in such a hurry to pump out mappings, that they don't have time to label their transformation objects? Could it be developers have never been trained in proper naming conventions and metadata coding standards? Or is it just the commoditization of data integration through the wave of off-shore development shops, that has rendered the demand of code documentation unnecessary? Call me old-fashioned, but in my humble opinion, documenting your code and using good naming conventions for your objects is a critical part of your developer responsibilities. Developers are not hired to simply make a program that satisfies the requirements, they are hired to fix business problems by putting in place code that can be maintained well into the future.

The blame for poor coding standards and insufficient code documentation should be shared by the developer's technical lead and the organization that employs their services. Technical leads should hold code reviews in addition to design reviews. During testing, metadata and code standard reviews should be mandatory. Organizations employing internal or external developers, should insist on seeing documentation that reflect code best practices, like object naming conventions and in-program notes. The cost of not demanding this rigor will be significantly higher maintenance costs, as later developers will spend two to three more time fixing or modifying woefully poorly documented code. Before making a time/cost estimate to fix programs, developers should review the code set and existing documentation. Programs lacking naming standards and code notes in describing sub processes always take more time to fix.