I've recently completed a white paper that details a methodology employed by CapTech to deliver a SharePoint 2010 collaboration portal for an international client. Blending Agile and Waterfall practices, CapTech delivered successfully thanks to a variety of benefits afforded to the client and CapTech by the methodology (dubbed CT Hybrid). The full white paper is attached to this post, but here's a sneak preview of its Conclusion:

Organizations which recognize that one implementation methodology doesn't fit all have taken a key first step; careful assessment of available alternatives in the context of each project's unique needs comes next.

By leveraging the strengths of Waterfall and Agile and balancing their weaknesses, the CT Hybrid approach yields numerous distinct benefits:

  • Enhanced mutual trust between client and vendor
  • Heightened agility when business needs evolve prior to launch
  • Mitigation of a variety risks that can jeopardize project success
  • Improved productivity from the technical team
  • Enablement of effective Organizational Change Management

CT Hybrid is not merely a set of specific steps for gathering requirements or slinging code; instead, it's a strategic approach for solution design, technical delivery, and client-vendor collaboration. If employed adeptly, CT Hybrid can open the door to long-term partnerships that work for organizations and their professional services firms – no small feat.

For the rest of the story, see the attached white paper.